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Pet Harbor’s COVID-19 Policies

Obviously, everything written here is subject to change.

Of course, the safety of our volunteers and adopters is of utmost importance to us. In light of that and due to jurisdictional and venue rules, Pet Harbor had suspended its public events. On October 3, 2020, we are going to hold an event. We will make a decision about any future events at a later date.

At this time, the adoption procedures we have been following during COVID remain in place, but we have added the Oct. 3 event. Approved applicants can come to the event and meet dogs. PLEASE email us ahead at so we are expecting you since we have to follow social distancing rules.

At times other than the event, approved applicants still are able to have meet & greet sessions, but it remains necessary to narrow the choice to one dog and one meeting.

FOR MEETING DOGS OUTSIDE EVENTS, adoptions are still occurring with multiple safety precautions in place. Specifically:

~ Prospective adopters have the option of a virtual home visit using FaceTime, Zoom, Facebook Messenger, Google Meet, Skype, or similar virtual method or a video home visit, in lieu of an in-person home visit.

~ Upon application approval, these steps happen:

1) All adoption documentation is completed electronically at least one day prior to meeting a dog. No exceptions.

2) To comply with social distancing and our own logistical concerns, applicants & Pet Harbor will work together to narrow the choices to only one dog.

3) Without a guarantee, of course, if the applicants intend to take the dog home that day after the meeting, depending on factors such as where the dog is fostered, volunteer schedule, etc., with proper safety gear, our volunteers with that one dog will meet with everyone in the applicant household (human & canine), but if the applicants do not intend if it all goes well to take the dog home that day, there will not be a meeting. The meeting will occur at or near the dog’s foster home, which will usually be throughout Virginia or in suburban Maryland or D.C.

4) The volunteer holds the dog forward on a 6′ leash & applicants hook their own leash to the dog’s collar. Then the volunteer will disconnect the Pet Harbor leash;

5) From a minimum distance of 6′ from the volunteers, applicants will spend time with the dog while the volunteers are still able to assist and answer questions;

6) If applicants decide to adopt, the donation will be made electronically and the receipt emailed;

7) If applicants decide to adopt, volunteers will take family pictures from a safe distance; and

8) If applicants decide not to adopt, the reverse with leashing happens, the documentation is deleted, and everybody goes their own way.


1) If you are sick, please stay home!

2) Social distancing remains in effect.

3) Face coverings are required.

4) Hand sanitizer is available.

5) Only Pet Harbor volunteers or approved applicants are allowed to walk dogs or hold their leashes.

6) Our event will be held outside the PetsMart store.

7) While we LOVE visits from our current or prior adopters, this particular event must be just for prospective adopters.

8) If approved applicants decide to adopt at the event, the paperwork will be done on site. We have pens, but please take the pen you use with you when you finish. The donation can be done electronically or on site in cash, adopters’ choice.