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Pet Harbor’s COVID-19 Policies

Obviously, everything written here is subject to change.

During the pandemic, Pet Harbor stopped holding adoption events. At this time, we have resumed them but must follow the rules put into place by the venues where our events are held. For example, as of this writing, 6/13/2021, we are required to hold events outdoors at PetsMart. So if we expect it to be too hot, we will not be holding an event. If you plan to come to an event, make sure the event is being held. (703) 583-4759 or At times other than events, approved applicants may be able to have meet & greet sessions, but it remains necessary to narrow the choice to one dog and one meeting.

The bottom line is to be respectful of everyone’s feelings about protection against COVID.

~ Applicants have the option of a virtual home visit using FaceTime, Zoom, Facebook Messenger, Google Meet, Skype, or similar virtual method or a video home visit, in lieu of an in-person home visit. Whether masks are required will be decided by the applicants and the volunteer conducting the home visit.

~ All adoption documentation is completed electronically at least one day prior to individual meet & greets or completed in person on paper at events.

~ Masks and social distancing are not required if the applicants/volunteers have been vaccinated unless either the applicant(s) or volunteer(s) express a preference for face coverings. If that is the preference, all participants must wear face coverings that cover the mouth and nose.

~ If social distancing is preferred by applicant(s) or volunteer(s), our volunteer(s) conducting meet & greet sessions will hold the dog out on a 6′ leash, and the applicant(s) will hook on their leash, then the volunteer(s) will unhook the volunteer leash so that 6′ distancing can be maintained.

~ If applicants decide to adopt, donations can be made electronically or in cash. Receipts will be emailed.

~ If applicants decide not to adopt, the reverse with leashing happens, documentation is deleted, and everybody goes their own way.

~ For events and meetings, if you are sick, please stay home!

~ Hand sanitizer is available at events.

~ As always, only Pet Harbor volunteers or approved applicants are allowed to walk dogs or hold their leashes. If you would like to volunteer with us, see Volunteering Info.

~ If you have any questions, please email us at

Again, as government and venue rules change, everything written here is subject to change.