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Cat Adoption Process

Lots of wonderful kitties are homeless and in search of families. They don’t ask for much. The biggest demand is love! They give SO much in return. For more information about cat adoption, please write to Director of Cat Adoptions.

Why Adopt:

  • GRATITUDE: Our experience has been that rescued fur babies are grateful to their foster families and subsequently the families who adopt them and express that gratitude with love, lots of lovin’.
  • HEALTH: Our cats’ routine veterinary care and vaccines are up-to-date. They are current on (but not limited to) testing, basic vaccinations, and worming. Females are spayed, males neutered. All are microchipped. All of our cats have tested negative for feline leukemia and feline AIDS. If they have known medical conditions, they have been treated. We disclose all medical information and give adopters the medical records.
  • KNOWLEDGE: We tell adopters everything we know about the kitty personalities and behavior traits we observe while the cats are in our foster care. We encourage questions because the more applicants know about a pet before adoption, the better the match and the better the chances of ensuring our pets get permanent homes.
  • INTERACTION: We not only allow but encourage applicants to spend time getting to know the pet(s) before adoption. We cannot “hold” a pet for any adopter, but approved applicants are welcome to spend time with any and all of the cats in their foster home(s) to see if there is a love connection.  It is sometimes possible to bring cats to adoption events, but they don’t always show their true personalities in the loud and hectic store environments.
  • NEED: Last, but not least, these pets are homeless and searching for loving families and homes, where they will never again have to worry about how to get their next meal or if they will wake up in the morning and see a face they recognize.


  • APPLY: Complete the Cat Adoption Questionnaire.  After you submit the questionnaire, our Cat Application Processing volunteer staff will; reach out to set up an interview to allow you to ask all the questions you have, ask any additional questions, and get any clarifications necessary.
  • APPROVAL: This involves our processing the questionnaire by checking all applicable references: vet(s), people who know your pet experience firsthand, landlord. The more we learn about applicants, the better equipped we are to help make successful matches between humans and pets. Then, if approved, we issue an approval email describing the next steps (the meet-and-greet and contract-signing processes).
  • MEET & GREET: Meet the pet(s) if you haven’t already. The entire potential adoptive family (just the humans) must meet the kitt(ies) before adoption, usually in the cats’ foster home(s).
  • CONTRACT: Enter into a contract. The contract requires adopters to, among other things, commit to:
    1. A lifetime of love for the new indoor family house member;
    2. Give the cat adequate food and shelter;
    3. Provide the cat with routine veterinary care;
    4. Not declawing the cat.
    5. Return the cat to Pet Harbor Rescue if, for any reason, the cat cannot be kept by the adopter;
    6. Keep contact information current with Pet Harbor throughout the life of the cat; and
    7. Adhere to a prescribed schedule of updating us throughout the life of the cat so we can know how happy the cat is!
  • DONATION: Make a donation to our organization. As a 501(c)(3) organization. donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law. NOTE: We do NOT at this time accept personal checks or credit cards. We accept only cash, cashier’s check, certified check, or postal money order. The minimum required in no way comes close to covering our costs. Veterinary work is done before pets are adopted. Adoption donations can be as much as the adopter chooses but must be a minimum of:
    • cats younger than 5 years of age, $85
    • cats 5 years of age to under 10 years of age, $40
    • cats 10 years of age and up, $25.
  • ENJOY!: Welcome the new family member. Give him/her lots of love and a permanent home.
  • KEEP IN TOUCH: Our adopters give us a call or drop us a line and photograph every now and again to let us know how they and their new family member(s) are happier every day. We require updates for the life of the pet. The update schedule includes updates 24 hours after adoption, one week after adoption, one month after adoption, etc., and annually after the first year.

Though sometimes it varies, the usual sequence for applying for a cat is:

  1. Fill out the online Cat Adoption Questionnaire.
  2. The questionnaire is given to our Cat Application Processing Department.
  3. Volunteers call applicants to ask and answer questions.
  4. Screening, such as vet check, landlord check, etc., if applicable, are conducted.
  5. Home ownership is verified, where applicable.
  6. Personal references are contacted.
  7. If in an area where we intimately work with a shelter or pound, we do a shelter check.
  8. The data is compiled into a presentation for Pet Harbor’s Board of Directors.
  9. The board discusses and votes.
  10. An email is sent indicating approval or rejection.
  11. If approved, we will discuss with the applicants what cat(s) fit their home and make arrangements for them to meet.
  12. Every human residing in the home will meet the Pet Harbor cat(s).
  13. If the applicants choose to adopt, they will sign a contract.
  14. Everybody lives happily ever after.  🙂


Click here to see a listing of the pets we have available or call us at (703) 583-HSKY. We are happy to discuss with approved applicants what cats are available at that time. We work with applicants in an effort to make the right match. For more information, write to our Director of Cat Adoptions.