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Dog Foster Application Immediately Prior to Adoption

Dog Foster Application Immediately Prior to Adoption

Thank you for your interest in adopting. This form is only for those who are fostering prior to adoption. You will simultaneously complete the adoption paperwork, which will go into effect at the end of the designated foster period. When the designated foster period ends, this application will no longer be in effect.

2About You
3Foster Information
4Foster Agreement

  • Do you agree to abide by Pet Harbor's rules?
  • Has anyone in your household ever been convicted of an animal-related charge?
  • Do you understand this application governs the foster period immediately prior to adoption and will no longer apply beginning with the adoption date designated in the adoption paperwork?
  • Do you understand that if at any point during the foster period, you return the dog, (a) the paperwork will all be destroyed as if you had not fostered or planned to adopt, (b) donation received returned to you, and (c) there will be no negative consequences associated with returning the dog, as there might be when returning an adopted dog, such as, but not limited to, being placed on a "Do Not Adopt" list?