The Beautiful Siberian Husky

Have you seen the latest Disney movie, SNOW DOGS, filled with beautiful Siberian Huskies? Like all Disney movies, this one is lots of fun! When you come out of the theatre, you may want your very own snow dog. Siberian Huskies are terrific dogs. If this is the right dog for you, welcome to our pack! However, we want you to know about the breed first so you are armed with the correct information before making the decision since not everything about a Siberian Husky can be portrayed in a Disney movie.

Do you REALLY want a Siberian Husky?

So...youíve fallen for those beautiful blue eyes and that gorgeous luxurious coat, the friendly temperament. You want one! But...please stop to consider all of the characteristics! This is indeed a wonderful dog...for the right person. Are you the right person?

Please consider the following points:

Please pass the mustard. Please also remember that, just like all of the fabulous things Lassie did were not real, the Siberian Huskies you see in the Disney's SNOW DOGS are not the dogs you will meet. If you have read all of this and truly believe you qualify to own a Siberian Husky, we ask you spend a little time to further research our wonderful breed. We also ask you to consider a rescued Siberian Husky, rather than a puppy. There are many benefits to being owned by a rescued Siberian, which we would be happy to discuss with you.

Resources abound. First, talk to those people you see at the end of a Siberian's leash. Those of us who are owned by Siberians tend to love to talk about our hairy Houdinis, especially since they provide us with so many attention-keeping stories to tell! And that's another thing. If you are ready, be prepared to be owned by your Siberian. You will be. Your whole life will revolve around your Siberian. Also be aware that more often than not, you can't be owned by just one. Get this over with.  We have digging to do.

Write or call us at (703) 583-HSKY.

Virginia resources:

Pet Harbor Rescue and Referral, Inc.
(703) 583-HSKY

S.H.I.N.E. of Virginia Inc.
Southeast Virginia
(757) 303-1309

Siberian Husky Assist
Southwest Virginia
(276) 494-3153

National resources:

the national Siberian Husky rescue Web site

Save Our Siberians - Siberspace Rescue Fund
P.O. Box 25773
Portland OR 97225

Siberian Husky Club of America
Barbara Horsey, Corresponding Secretary
10194 Old Kent Lane
Clarkston, MI 48348

International resources:

Siberian Husky Assistance and Rescue Program of Canada (SHARP)
Siberian Husky Club of New South Wales
Siberian Husky Club of Victoria Rscue
Husky Rescue of South Africa

Thank you for reading this page. It means you did your homework, and we appreciate that very much. If you are sure the Siberian Husky is for you, welcome to a very special group of people. Itís hard to be humble when you qualify to be part of a Siberianís pack!!!

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