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Molina – Adopted!

I went to my forever home on September 16, 2017!

2/18/17 Molina
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Age (approx):
5 years old
Birthday (approx):
January 31, 2012
What am I?
Spayed female Siberian Husky
Red & white, blue eyes
61 pounds (as of 6/10/17)
Experience with Children:
My history with children is unknown. Since coming to Pet Harbor, I have interacted with multiple children ages 0 to 18, and have displayed only positive reactions to them. When I approach a group of people, the first ones I greet are the children. I nuzzle up and kiss their faces. When they pet me, I go belly up and exhibit no tension. Their sudden, erratic movements, loudness, or rough touches don’t bring reactions from me.
Experience with Cats:
On 3/12/17, I was cat-tested. I rushed the cats and bit a kitty’s foot. No, no cat was harmed in the test, but I am unable to live safely with cats. Before coming to rescue, I was tested with a shelter cat described as “fearless” and “spunky.” I was not reactive.
Experience with Dogs:
Before coming to Pet Harbor, I lived with Rhodes, who already found his forever home. We had no issues with one another. At Pet Harbor, I have met many dogs similar in size to me. I get along with them all. However, at events or walking on leash, I act like that other name for female dogs that starts with a b towards other dogs, snappy/growly, what my foster mom says is typical female Siberian Husky behavior. I was adopted with Taro and was bossy to Taro. So I came back to Pet Harbor. I am in a foster home. Sebastian, who already found his forever home, was my foster mate while he was with Pet Harbor. We had no issues with one another. As you can see in the photos, I have spent time with other dogs without any negative issues whatsoever.
Energy Level:
Owner Aptitude Level:
Named for 9/11 Victim:
I was named for Manuel Dejesus Molina.
My humans were elderly and found they just could no longer take care of me. My human dad put Rhodes, who already found his forever home, and me into a shelter. While doing so, he sobbed because it broke his heart to lose us. You will see my parents took great care of us. We’re happy, well-fed babies with awesome personalities.
  1. I am Molina. I will melt in your hands!
  2. Just a cameo
  3. Always the center of attention

Dream Home Minimum Requirements: All I really want is someone to snuggle with me. Are you my snuggler? Just give me a few ear, tummy, or back scratches, and I’ll be putty in your paws. Toss me a few treats, and you’ve got an idolizer! Really, I’m sweet and not rambunctious. I have no clue why anyone would want to look further than me. Besides that, I’m super beautiful. Don’t you agree? Happy, too. Always happy. My only negative is I cannot be contained alone in a crate, but I’ll bet you feel the same and don’t want to be in crates either. Right? My favorite pastime besides snuggling is chasing ducks. Really, I love snuggling and want to do that 24 hours a day. Don’t you love that, too?