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Taro – Adopted!

I went to my forever home on April 22, 2017!

3/24/17 Taro
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Age (approx):
6 years old
Birthday (approx):
September 4, 2010
What am I?
Neutered male Siberian Husky
Black & white, blue eyes
111 pounds 🙁 (as of 3/26/17)
Experience with Children:
I have lived with children, including one with special needs, since 2012 with all positive interactions.
Experience with Cats:
I was cat-tested by Pet Harbor in 2012 and failed miserably.
Experience with Dogs:
From 2012 to 2017, I lived with a male Pomeranian. My interactions with other dogs Pet Harbor has witnessed have all been positive, including dogs of various sizes at dog parks.
Energy Level:
Low but will be medium when I return to a healthy weight.
Owner Aptitude Level:
Novice, but you MUST help me continue on my weight loss path so we can have a long, healthy, and happy life together.
Named for 9/11 Victim:
I was named for Ronald Tartaro.
I lost my first home when I was 1-1/2 years old because my human decided he no longer had time for me. I then was adopted in March 2012. In 2017, I lost my second home because my human decided he no longer had time for me. ENOUGH! It is time I have my forever home. No more homelessness and no more abuse. For my human to allow my weight to be DOUBLE what it should be is abusive. NO MORE! I want to live!
  1. March 2017. To celebrate International Puppy Day, why, I play with a puppy, of course!
  2. March 2017. Let’s congregate!
  3. In 2012, I starred in Playtime at the Apollo

Dream Home Minimum Requirements: MY 2017 BIO: Do you know what an IFD is? Why, it’s an issue-free dog, of course. Some think perfect dogs are boring. I think perfect dogs are just that: perfect! Why do I think that? Because I wrote the definition of IFD! That’s why! So issue-free, I’ll bet I could get a security clearance! Sadly, someone has sabotaged my existence by allowing me to weigh double what I should. Extra weight on someone my size can be devastating to the joints. My foster dad, though, is helping me get back to a healthy weight. So that is my only issue, and it is certainly a temporary one. Do you want to go to dog parks? No problem at all! I socialize with all the dogs: young, old, small, large, male, female. A perfect Casanova, huh? Speaking of Casanova, I hope you enjoy kisses because I’ve got plenty of them for you. And, of course, if you love to give belly scratches, no problem! I”m all yours! Do you need exercise like I do? No problem. Let’s go! I love to walk, and I am building up my stamina. Soon, I’ll be happily taking long, long walks or even running! I look forward to the day I can really run and play with my Siberian brethren. Happy, healthy (My weight has not affected my health yet, and it won’t because I’m on the downhill side of it.), loving, friendly. Really, I go back to the beginning. I’m an issue-free dog.

MY 2012 BIO: Best home for me is totally ready for a PUPPY because I am ALL PUPPY! Complete goofball. Loving, funny, high-energy, dramatic, loud, a big sissy. I can live with other dogs or without other dogs, but I’m not a dog you can ignore. I don’t stop for a minute. I’m like a 2-yr-old child – always on the go, go, go. When I sit, I push into you. When I stand, I jump, bounce, kiss, play. No down time. I’m not a quiet dog and, therefore, would not be a good apartment dog. I would, however, be a great dog for someone who wants built-in entertainment. My main job is that of a clown! My second job is like Charmin because I’m so adorable you just wanna squeeze!