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Elizabeth – Adopted!

I went to my forever home on May 20, 2017!

4/2/17 Elizabeth
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***IN HEARTWORM TREATMENT*** Tentatively available to go to my forever home in mid-May
Age (approx):
2 years old
Birthday (approx):
March 10, 2015
What am I?
Spayed female Siberian Husky
Black & white, blue eyes
50 pounds (as of 4/10/17)
Experience with Children:
My history with children is unknown. Since coming to Pet Harbor, I have interacted with children ages 0-18 and have displayed only positive reactions to them.
Experience with Cats:
My history with cats is unknown. So far, Pet Harbor has only done a preliminary cat test. During that test, I glanced at the kitties and lost interest. That is not yet a definitive test. An outside cat ran into my foster home. Like a good Siberian Husky, I grabbed it. Outside cats are prey, and I was protecting my foster home from that rodent! After heartworm treatment, I will be re-tested and the results will be posted here.
Experience with Dogs:
My history with dogs is unknown. I have met small dogs and play with them. I have met dogs my size and play with them. I have met larger dogs and play with them. I am, though, what one could consider a typical dominant female Siberian. Women rule!
Energy Level:
Owner Aptitude Level:
Northern breed experience preferred
Named for 9/11 Victim:
I was named for Elizabeth (Lisa) Martin Gregg.
For the crime of running at large, I landed myself in the pokey and came to Pet Harbor from there.

Dream Home Minimum Requirements: Do you think you have a couch? Forget about it! It’s mine. Do you think you have a bed? Forget about it! It’s mine. Do you think you can ignore me? Forget about it! I have plenty to say about that. My voice is melodious, though. So basically I do whatever is in my repertoire to get your attention. I go belly-up for tummy scratches. I look into your eyes and woo if you attempt to do something other than give me attention. I give you soft “Pick me!” kisses to raise my hand (paw). Lots of soft, fluffy fur that would love to sit with you while you brush it! Full of love. Just looking for a place to plant it (and a couch to plant my hiney). I did test positive for heartworm disease. So while you can certainly adopt me on paper, I cannot be considered fully adopted until my treatment has finished, which should be by the middle of May.