Pet Harbor Rescue, P.O. Box 73, Bowling Green, VA 22427

(703) 583-HSKY


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Age (approx):
5 years old
Birthday (approx):
July 11, 2013
What am I?
Spayed female Siberian Husky
Black & white, blue eyes
47 pounds (as of 7/11/18)
Experience with Children:
Pet Harbor does not know my history with children. Since coming to Pet Harbor, I have met children of all ages. My interactions with them have all been very positive.
Experience with Cats:
Pet Harbor does not know my history with cats. On 7/23/18, Pet Harbor performed an evaluation for cat-friendliness.  That day, I showed no interest in the kitties whatsoever.  I did want to eat the cat food, but I didn’t try to eat the cats.  I do, like most Siberians, have a high prey drive with small furry things that are outside.  Bunnies & squirrels, for example, are not safe around me.
Experience with Dogs:
Pet Harbor does not know my history with dogs. I showed no aggression during my dog-friendliness evaluations. Since coming to Pet Harbor, I have shown I can coexist with other dogs, but I must let them know I am the Queen Bee. I’m just a people’s dog, rather than a dogs’ dog. If you can keep my secret, I am willing to confide in you. Will you? Okay. Here goes. Though I tried playing hard to get for a while, finally, I did fall in love. Walker and I are “in a relationship,” and it’s not complicated.
Energy Level:
Owner Aptitude Level:
Northern breed experience preferred
Named for 9/11 Victim:
I was named for Stacey L. Peak.
For the crime of running at large, I landed in an animal shelter. From there, I came to Pet Harbor Rescue.
  1. 9/15/18 – Love Magnet
  2. 7/29/18 – Will work for belly rubs!

More About Me: Adoration.  I adore my people.  If that means jumping a 6′ fence to be with them, then that’s what I’ll do.  A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.  I’m a sweetheart, a lover, a doll.  Make love, not war.  That’s my motto.  I just wanna snuggle and cuddle and be petted & kiss you and then repeat that whole cycle over & over again.  There is more to me than just love.  I am also comical.  So maybe you can call me a silly sweetie.  You know how a Siberian jumping on a trampoline is? I do that same jump from a standing position. See? Comical.  My mission in life is to make you happy.  Lest you think I’m a giving soul, my real reward is I am loved.  Are you looking for a silly sweetie who is also stunningly gorgeous?