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8 years old
October 24, 2010
What am I?
Neutered male Siberian Husky
AKC Information:
AKC #WS35767906
   – Sire: Lava Snowbound Siberian (AKC #WS27942804)
   – Dam: CR Phantom Streak Kya (AKC #WS20276501)
Red & white, blue eyes
62 pounds (as of 4/12/19)
Experience with Children:
The only recent experience with children is with a 10yo neighbor. Prior history was with children of ages 3-8. All positive interactions. In my excitement, small children would get knocked down. My curiosity gets to me when an adult is holding a child. So I have to jump up to see the little one to be close enough to sniff and give kisses.
Experience with Cats:
My history with cats is nonexistent. Because my parents knew about my breed’s prey drive, they kept me as far away from any cats as they could. I did snatch a trespassing gosling, and I do chase squirrels.
Experience with Dogs:
I have lived with Isis, also available for adoption, most of my life. We are BFFs. As for me and other dogs, I can take them or leave them initially. After I sniff out who they are, we can play, but I am partial to that introduction period.
Energy Level:
Owner Aptitude Level:
Named for 9/11 Victim:
I was named for Fitzroy St. Rose.
I was purchased as a pup by a young person who didn’t do his homework on the breed. Siberian Huskies are not the dogs for everyone. Then I came to Pet Harbor. Then I got adopted. I had a wonderful home since 2011 with a mom, dad, and a Siberian “sister” named Isis, also available for adoption. Then my dad suddenly was taken from us. He died in a car crash. My mom loves us, but it’s a struggle for her to survive herself, much less take care of us.
  1. 12/26/11 – Meeting my new family – VIDEO IS FROM 2011

More About Me:

  • My bio from 2011: For a one-year-old Siberian, I’m a really good boy. Don’t get me wrong. I do have energy & will run & play & will pick up things in my mouth that I shouldn’t, but some less mannered Siberians will have outside energy inside. I don’t. I am very good. I like to say I am the best! When you first meet me, I will have a touch of uncertainty, nervousness, but that will quickly dissipate, especially if you have some juicy treats for me. I then will shower you with the most gentle of kisses! And I love toys, especially the soft kind. I love going to dog parks & LOVE other Siberian Huskies! I do guard possessions (toys, bones) against them, esp. male dogs. Isn’t that what all good men do? I also love to get tangled in wires and curl up under your legs. My foster dad thinks I’m entertainment plus. He gets a big kick out of how when I want to be petted, I stand next to him and flare my nose. If you need some laughter, I’m ready for your house!
  • My bio from 2019: My claim to fame is I have the pout perfected, even including a lower lip poking out. The way to my heart is through popcorn and smoothies, and my favorite vegetable is snap peas. I may seem a tad shy at first, but I quickly warm up. I enjoy belly rubs from the side. I won’t roll over on my back. That’s not dignified enough for me. If there’s an open door, I may run at first just to prove I am a Siberian, but once I realize you aren’t with me, I lose interest. I know the commands sit & down by hand gestures and talk, wait, and up. Isis & I do not have to share the same home. And did I tell you about my report cards? My report cards when I am boarded all come back with high marks. Also, I should tell you Saint is my name to honor a 9/11 victim, but I have been called Dante since 2011. Oh, and if you don’t like brushing dogs, we’re in business because I hate that stuff, too.