Pet Harbor Rescue, P.O. Box 73, Bowling Green, VA 22427

(703) 583-HSKY


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Age (approx):
2 years old
Birthday (approx):
March 10, 2018
What am I?
Spayed female Siberian Husky
Black & white, bi-eyed (one blue eye, one brown eye)
45 pounds (as of 3/26/2020)
Experience with Children:
Since coming to Pet Harbor, I have met children up to age 6. All interactions have been positive.
Experience with Cats:
On 3/12/20, Pet Harbor introduced me to cats. I showed entirely too much interest in them. The best home for me will be cat-free. Siberian Huskies tend to have a strong prey instinct and often show extreme, even fatal, aggression towards cats. Even when our evaluation is favorable, it may not translate to all cats under all circumstances.
Experience with Dogs:
Since coming to Pet Harbor, I have met several other dogs, around my size or larger. My interactions with most of them have been positive. Shai, another female available for adoption, is my BFF, and I play with Todd, also available for adoption, and Shai all the time, but together Shai and I are antagonistic to other females.
Energy Level:
Owner Aptitude Level:
Named for 9/11 Victim:
Running at large, I landed in an animal shelter. My owners were located & chose not to retrieve me. After serving my time at the shelter, I came to Pet Harbor.
  1. 3/12/20 – The art or the science of the chase!

More About Me: Things got a bit mixed up in the communication channels. So Pet Harbor isn’t quite sure what to think. Oh, don’t read this wrong. They know I’m an amazing gal. It’s just, well, they were told I know commands. Maybe I do, but I also suffer from what is known as selective hearing. Granted I am new to Pet Harbor, but the folks there have not seen me obey one command yet. I might just be playing because I do enjoy games. I am cute & goofy & playful. Watching me is fun. Do I have negatives? It depends on your perspective. I don’t seem to have different traits than other Siberians. What does that mean? It means when you first put me in a crate, I will let you know how I feel about that. Seriously, nothing else falls under the “cons” category. I’m really a doll.