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Ced – Adopted!

I went to my forever home on July 26, 2020!

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Age (approx):
2 years old
Birthday (approx):
February 28, 2018
What am I?
Neutered male Siberian Husky
Red & white, blue eyes
51 pounds (as of 7/1/2020)
Experience with Children:
Information coming soon.
Experience with Cats:
After I was rescued and before I came to Pet Harbor, I was introduced to cats. All of those interactions were positive. While at Pet Harbor, I have interacted with kitties who love me. I ignore them, even when they rub against me. Siberian Huskies tend to have a strong prey instinct and often show extreme, even fatal, aggression towards cats. Even if our evaluation is favorable, it may not translate to all cats under all circumstances.
Experience with Dogs:
My experience is I get along great with most other dogs, despite size and gender differences. It took me a few days in my foster home to decide to trust the dogs. Once I started playing with them, I didn’t stop. I’m still playing with them! I ONLY trust people when at least one other dog shows me it’s okay. My new home will need to have at least one other dog who will be my play buddy.
Energy Level:
Owner Aptitude Level:
Named for 9/11 Victim:
Along with several others available for adoption, we came from a horrible beginning, yet are amazingly grateful for love. Thankfully, we were seized by the authorities. Our humans were put in jail. We went to the shelter, then the SPCA, and then came to Pet Harbor, each an important piece of our journey to safety. To read more about our beginning, including watching a video, click here.
  1. 5/17/2020 – Tumble for a Treat
  2. 5/26/2020 – Sit for a Special Treat
  3. 5/26/2020 – I Found my Voice
  4. 6/7/2020 – Dem Bones
  5. 6/7/2020 – Circles
  6. 6/7/2020 – Pet Me
  7. 6/7/2020 – Little Yapper
  8. 6/15/2020 – Circles 2

More About Me: Got treats? Got another dog? Have patience & love? The one major thing to learn about me is my shyness. My history taught me to be cautious of humans. My home will need to be a special home where I am understood. My Rome isn’t built overnight. You see, when the wonderful people rescued us from the terrible home where we lived in crates (see video under “History” above), some of us two per crate, all of us without food or water and many in crates that could not be opened without tools, that new world was hard for some of us. Understandably, I don’t see crates as friends of Cedric. When rescued, I was given the earned name of Cedric after Cedric Mingo, a pro boxer whose roots are in the same town mine are, because I sure am a fighter. I’m also honoring a 9/11 victim. So do you see how very special I am? At the time of my rescue, I weighed only 27 pounds. Yes, I was a full-grown adult. So treats are a good reward for me, and I will come for treats. The more distance I put between the situation from which I came and me, the more things have improved for me. I did not understand how to be normal, how to walk on a leash, how to do most things that come naturally to the majority of dogs. I’m learning. My foster mom & fur siblings are teaching me. My foster mom says I’m a really good boy. I don’t chew things I shouldn’t. I’m great with her dogs and kitty. My one issue is trusting people. When we were rescued by animal control, I was clinging to life. In fact, if you see the dog being carried in the photos because he couldn’t walk, that dog was me. I went to ER right away. Today, thankfully, I am alive and well. I’m ready for a family, a special family. You see, I have residual effects of that prior home. Sometimes I go in circles, inside and outside. See videos called “Circles” and “Circles 2” above. If you have been following our stories, I am sort of a cross between Nova & Ty. I’m shy like Nova, but I circle like Ty. We have all lived through our hard beginning, which is an amazing feat in and of itself. We’re learning and growing, and for some of us, it will take a while. Because of what I had to live through, trusting people is new to me. I am sweet. It’s not that I don’t want love. It’s that I don’t know what love is. I’m learning! The only way I trust people is when at least one other dog shows me the people are okay. I do still have to build the trust, but it is buildable. Without other dog(s), it isn’t. Without other dog(s), I’m not okay. I’m stressed and untrusting. But with other dog(s), I fairly rapidly start to unravel the barriers I have built to receiving love. I have come a long way with trusting my foster mom. Now I even let the neighbors pet me because my fur brother & sister showed me it’s okay. It took a bit of time, but it happened! So my home needs to be people with patience, gentleness, understanding, and full of lots of love to give me. Oh, before I forget, the vet put my age between 2 & 5. The shelter put me at 4. But because of my energy level, which is high, Pet Harbor put me at 2. Nobody really knows the accurate age. Progress is progress, but it takes baby steps to get there. The rewards to humans are immense when a shy dog trusts. The journey to that point is taken by people who are kind, patient, knowledgeable, and understanding. Is that you?