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Starita – Adopted!

I went to my forever home on November 8, 2020!

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4/18.17 Starita
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Age (approx):
8 years old
Birthday (approx):
March 7, 2012
What am I?
Spayed female Siberian husky
Black & white, bi-eyed (one blue eye, one brown eye)
72 pounds (as of 5/23/2020)
Experience with Children:
My history with children is unknown. In 2017, when I first came to Pet Harbor, I interacted with children ages 0-3 and displayed only positive reactions to them.
Experience with Cats:
Pet Harbor was informed my history is that I am cat-friendly. Pet Harbor cat-tested me on 5/5/2017. I met three cats and just looked at them. I showed no interest, positive or negative, and was easily distracted. Siberian huskies tend to have a strong prey instinct and often show extreme, even fatal, aggression towards cats. Even if our evaluation is favorable, it may not translate to all cats under all circumstances.
Experience with Dogs:
My history with dogs is unknown. I was tested with a smaller dog and just wanted to play. Since coming to Pet Harbor in 2017, I met multiple dogs around my size and had no issues with any of them. Since adoption in 2017 to 2020, I lived with another Pet Harbor dog, Vander, also available for adoption.
Energy Level:
Owner Aptitude Level:
Named for 9/11 Victim:
I was named for Anthony M. Starita.
Because of my escape abilities, I was a repeat offender at an animal shelter. I, unfortunately, had been passed from home to home for the very same reason until the time no one claimed me. Then I came to Pet Harbor. Then I found what everybody thought was my forever home. Dad adopted me, and my new “brother” was Pet Harbor’s Vander, also available for adoption. Sadly, Dad passed away suddenly in September of 2020. Fortunately, though, he had caring friends who made sure Vander and I got returned to Pet Harbor.
  1. 2017 – See? I told you I have a lot to say.

More About Me: Life is all about happiness for me. For the past three years, I really had a blast. One day while my dad turned his back, without making a sound, I did what I do best and escaped. You see, we had a neighbor with chickens. Well, doesn’t everybody go towards KFC or Chick Fil-A or one of those places? That’s all I did: go towards the chickens. Then it was all fun & games because I got Dad to play Catch Me If You Can! with me. It really was loads of fun for me, but what it did for him was make him buy a six-foot fence. I suppose he got the last laugh on that one. Other things I like – playing with other dogs, playing with toys, talking, just having lots of fun. When it’s time to go to bed, I try to beat Vander to the bed and block him from jumping up. When we walk, he tries to get out in front of me and shove me out of the way. Really, we have lots of fun, but I don’t need another dog to have fun. I’ll be just as content with no other dogs. I create my own happiness. Like when Dad goes up to bed and I follow, I always remember to go back downstairs and pick out some toys to sleep with me and then run back upstairs. Well, I keep talking like Dad’s still here. Unfortunately, Dad passed away suddenly, and Vander and I came back to Pet Harbor to try to find new forever families. It gets a bit harder when dogs get to be my age. My wonderful foster parents are making me lose weight (That is NOT fun!) because it’s affecting my walking. I tire easier than Vander. So we’re trying Cosequin with me to see if it helps. I also take a medicine called Proin. Everybody wonders if I could jump a fence now. I would like the opportunity to test that. But, really, if Proin and Cosequin are all I have to take, then I think I’m doing just great at my age. I still love, play, and talk just fine. Oh, one more thing I forgot to tell you – my dad named Vander Ryka & me Shila. Oh, wow. I also forgot to tell you I insist on belly rubs before I go to sleep! Doesn’t everybody?

My 2017 bio: First and foremost, I have a lot to say. Just when you think I’m as quiet as a churchmouse, you’ll hear my melodious voice come out of what seems like nowhere. Secondly, don’t expect me to be serious. I’m all about fun and play. Thirdly, I give tiny, gentle kisses. Yeah, I’m super sweet, but I might quickly jump into play because I can’t possibly let you think I am at all mushy. I am not a dog you can leave in the backyard or in a 4′ fence, but if you are looking for some fun, some pep in your step, I’m the gal for you. Plus, I can live with children, cats, dogs, whoever. Does it get better than this?