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Puppy FUNdraiser – Who’s the Daddy?! The results are in!

***Update*** The results are in!!! Check out this video to see Who’s the Daddy!

There were 8 participants who correctly guessed the daddy. Britton, one of the six pups, got to choose the winner!

Watch the full winner selection process here.

This FUNdraiser is over, but you can still help these homeless pups! Click here to make a donation!

Think you know dog breeds? Feeling lucky? Want to help homeless pups? Try your luck at Guess the puppy “daddy’s” predominant breed!

This 60/40 fundraiser benefits homeless pup Giselle and her six newborn babies, wards of Pet Harbor Rescue & Referral, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit animal rescue organization.

The story of 9-month-old Siberian huskies, Giselle and Aba, begins as they are dropped off at a veterinarian’s office, goes from there to an animal shelter, and from there to Pet Harbor Rescue. Surprise, surprise. Giselle was with child (children). A puppy herself, she is awkwardly learning to raise three little boys & three little girls.

She & her puppies have to be supplemented. To help defray the unexpected medical costs of seven pups, instead of one, we’re holding this fundraiser to guess the predominant breed. After all, Dad was a rolling stone (or traveling salesman). So it’s anybody’s guess!

For more information and to submit your best guess, visit the official fundraising page here!