Pet Harbor Rescue, P.O. Box 73, Bowling Green, VA 22427

(703) 583-HSKY

Henry – Adopted!

I went to my forever home on October 15, 2022!

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Age (approx):
8 months old
Birthday (approx):
February 14, 2022
What am I?
Neutered male Siberian husky
Black & white, blue eyes
36 pounds (as of 8/20/2022)
Experience with Children:
Pet Harbor does not know my history with children. Since coming to Pet Harbor, I have met children. I have exhibited the same shyness with them as I have with adults. With time, there has been some improvement.
Experience with Cats:
Pet Harbor does not know my history with cats. On 10/9/2022, I was introduced to kitties. You can see in the video taken of the occasion I pretty much ignored them. Siberian huskies tend to have a strong prey instinct and often show extreme, even fatal, aggression towards cats. Even if Pet Harbor’s evaluation is favorable, it may not translate to all cats under all circumstances.
Experience with Dogs:
Since coming to Pet Harbor, I’ve been great with all dogs I have met. In fact, the best home for me will have another dog.
Energy Level:
Owner Aptitude Level:
Young Northern breed or shy dog experience preferred
Named for 9/11 Victim:
I was named for Henry Alfred Miller, Jr.
My sister and I were put in an animal shelter by our “owner,” who said she got us one hour earlier and we were too “terrified” for her to keep.
  1. 10/9/2022 – Meow
  2. 8/20/2022 – Chin Skritches
  3. 8/20/2022 – Sniff Test
  4. 8/20/2022 – Powwow
  5. 8/20/2022 – Assembly
  6. 7/07/2022 – Song of my People
  7. 7/01/2022 – A Visitor
  8. 6/18/2022 – Presidential Debate
  9. 6/11/2022 – Run Fun
  10. 5/30/2022 – Kin
  11. 5/30/2022 – Fluffy Chew Toy
  12. 5/29/2022 – Happiness
  13. 5/28/2022 – The Big Boys
  14. 5/28/2022 – The Baby
  15. 5/28/2022 – Dog-to-Dog Visits
  16. 5/28/2022 – Fears
  17. 5/27/2022 – The Boot Sniff

More About Me: Are you my lullaby person? What is that, you ask? It’s my claim to fame or claim to cuteness, to be more precise. My claim to fame is when I am restless, all it takes is one soft “Time for sleep” from my foster mom in her sweet, lullaby voice, and I immediately start yawning and put my head on my furry arm pillow. Do you think my claim to fame is as adorable as I think it is? While I am shy, I have definitely been coming to my foster mom now that I have been with her a bit. So I’m not as shy as I was at first. I also love to be carried and sitting in laps. Though shy, my tail is always wagging. Another cute thing about me, I clumsily run and fall around the house, entertaining for sure! Oh, and, boy, do I love to talk. Not only when I am ready to start my days but also interacting with other dogs, I am the loudest! I mean, don’t I have to be sure my voice is heard? I sing well, too. Can you keep a secret? I’m practicing for fame! I want my pawprint at Grauman’s! Oh, and did you know Siberians need an occupation? I have one! Don’t tell anyone because I fear they might try to stop me from doing my job. My occupation is that of a flip flop exterminator. And I do it well. Very well. My foster mom has held funerals for six pairs so far. But who is counting?