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Pet Harbor’s Crate & Trailer Fund

Pet Harbor is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) animal rescue organization. We are a breed-specific rescue organization for Siberian huskies. We are volunteer-based and run by donation. We have a network of foster homes throughout Virginia and the surrounding area.

As fun-loving as Siberian huskies are, they often don’t take kindly to crating. They have been known to escape crates, destroying the crates and harming themselves and their homes in the process.


For determined pack animals, wire crates and often airline-approved hard plastic crates prove useless. Yes, the Siberians laugh at the humans who think they will work.


Their goal is to find their pack members who have left the dwelling.


In order to have success in our foster homes, Pet Harbor needs top-end crates. Impact crates are top-of-the-line for Siberians. We also have worked with K9 Kennel Boss, which has been a fabulous experience. They are an extraordinarily rescue-friendly company. The appropriate size crate for the majority of our dogs is available only from Impact at the moment.


In addition, Pet Harbor holds events about once a month. The events are held in different locations. At present, our event wire crates, table, chairs, and other event supplies are stored in a storage unit. To make it easier to transport crates and supplies to events in different locations and avoid the storage unit cost, Pet Harbor is seeking a 5×8 single-axle trailer with at least a rear swinging door. This is an example of the type of trailer we are seeking:

We really are hoping a Santa out there has these items they don’t want and will donate them. Since we realize that is unlikely to happen, we are seeking donations to buy a trailer and the crates.

To donate, please click the button below, or mail a check to:

Pet Harbor Rescue
P.O. Box 73
Bowling Green, Virginia 22427
and indicate it is for the Crate and Trailer Fund.

K9 Kennel Boss: $460
2 Collapsible Impact Crates: ($899 each) $1,798
High Anxiety Impact Crate: $1,259

Trailer: approximately $3,499

Total Fund: $7,016
Donated: $100
Current Need: $6,916

If any of the items are donated, we will, of course, adjust the fund accordingly.


Richard Smith