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Clare’s Adoption Donation

Thank you for the adoption of Clare! We were happy to sponsor her adoption donation in memory of our Siberian Husky Kaya.

Kaya first came into our lives in the beginning of 2013 as a very young (newborn) puppy. From the get- go she was mischievous, stubborn, and in complete control of us! Always a social butterfly, she thought everyone wanted to be her best friend, and never failed to forget what a beauty (read: diva) she was. She never passed up the opportunity to stop in front of a mirror and stare at herself. To say she was the life of the party doesn’t begin to do her personality justice!

As she got older, we cherished her desire to snuggle every night, and her willingness to find new adventures everywhere we went. She was a traveler with us, living in Texas, California, Hawaii, and Virginia. If given the choice, you would find her outside sunbathing or basking in the fresh air on a long walk.

Over the years her nicknames changed constantly, and the last few years we had with her she was more likely to respond to “Fluff” or “Fluffy-Butt” than she was her own name. To us, she will always be our ‘Sunshine” because of her constant smiles and love for life.

We hope Clare’s adopters will cherish the new memories they will make with Clare and find as much joy with her as we did with our sweet Kaya.