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Jin – Adopted!

I went to my forever home on August 26, 2023!

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2 years old
June 19, 2021
What am I?
Spayed female Siberian husky
Black & white, blue eyes
38 pounds (as of 8/14/2023)
Experience with Children:
Pet Harbor does not know my history with children prior to coming to Pet Harbor. I’ve been great with the children I’ve met since coming to Pet Harbor, up to age 10. In fact, I have allowed the children to hold my puppies since the beginning, even when I wasn’t happy about adults handling them.
Experience with Cats:
Pet Harbor does not know my history with cats prior to coming to Pet Harbor. Since coming to Pet Harbor, I have interacted with cats on a daily basis and have ignored them most of the time. All interactions with them have been positive. Siberian huskies tend to have a strong prey instinct and often show extreme, even fatal, aggression towards cats. Even if Pet Harbor’s evaluation is favorable, it may not translate to all cats under all circumstances.
Experience with Dogs:
Pet Harbor does not know my history with dogs prior to coming to Pet Harbor. With one exception, I’ve been great with all the dogs I’ve met (male and female) since coming to Pet Harbor, even though I have puppies. That one exception is I dislike the dominant female Siberian in my foster home being near my puppies.
Energy Level:
Owner Aptitude Level:
Named for 9/11 Victim:
I was named for Stuart Soo-Jin Lee.
Running at large, I landed in a county shelter on July 1. By Virginia law, stray animals must spend time in the shelter. So on July 3, while in the shelter, I gave birth to three puppies. On July 4, one puppy passed away. As soon as I was allowed to leave the shelter, my remaining puppies and I came to Pet Harbor Rescue.
  1. 7/26/2023 – Family Affair, in which I have only a cameo appearance

More About Me: While I can have applications now, I cannot go home until after my spay on September 5. It is difficult to describe my personality while my puppies are near me. My personality likely will do a complete metamorphisis or two once I am away from them. Right now, first, I am a mom and a good one at that. It’s a full-time job. Other than that, I’m soft, sweet, gentle, playful, and petite. I have a tiny bit of caution with adults, but once I trust you enough to be sure you won’t bring harm to my babies, all is right with the world. It’s cute watching me play with toys or dogs. If you want to know my one negative, try giving me a bath. Good luck is all I can say about that.