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Emergency Fundraiser for Hemenway

Hemenway, one of our pups, is not doing well. He has spent some time at the Emergency Vet due to head tremors and a swollen leg. His treatment has not been cheap, and one of our volunteers has created a fundraiser on Hemi’s behalf. This will help Hemi get better and cover the what we have already spent and anticipate spending. The goal is to make sure he gets back to being a healthy, happy, handsome husky, and that we can continue to help other homeless huskies.

The GoFundMe link is Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law. Please share the link and contribute if you can. Hemi is hoping to raise $3,000. Pet Harbor has already spent $2,000 for his care, and he has more vet appointments scheduled.

Hemi and Pet Harbor thank you for any help that you can provide!